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X28 Project Biography

Who, or should it be said, what is X28 Project? The moniker has changed with the minds of the holding proprietors so many times throughout the years that the meaning is quite obscured. As of now, the mystery is magnified by the control of the ensuing days to which the existence is dependent. Once known as a conduit for progression, while still maintaining that philosophy, the humble resonance now seems to be an afterthought of something under the bored need for an exit. It should be noted that as of now the control prevails mainly within one governing entity, Cirrus. By the determination to construct, since 2006 there has been a steady release of instrumentation designed to combat the silence that once was harbored in the preceding minds. Intentions only to reverberate within one location and within one moment. This was unacceptable to the new direction that was necessary for the formulation of continuos angles of relief. Each outlet created has lead to more tears of the consistency of that which is disenchanted. Disinterest seems to be molded in the wasted time. While unconcerned for plenty, there is a compulsion for furthering and augmenting the embrace. Inquiry is challenged day to day, yet it's something overwhelmingly vital. The delight in continuance should be cherished in the face of persistent lethargy. To this extent, the ensemble is present to absolve the anguish that is intimate to reasoning...

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X28 Project Timeline


     "'Cause There's Never a Volume 2 - Volume 1"


The deformation...

     "Broken Cover" released.


"eXit 28" released.


"OverBored" released.


"Under the Impact of Bias" released.


"It's Always Something..." released.

X28 Records'
     "X28 Records Presents...
         Further Than The End" released.


"Afterthoughts of the Unknown" released.


The reformation...


The preformation...